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Add Hundreds of Facebook LIKE's to Your Business 


Offer Free Wifi to Your Customer



STOP giving away your WiFi for free - GET SOMETHING FOR IT!



hotspot-socialFree WiFi Hotspot - Connected to

your existing Internet service.

Your hotspot includes a customised advertising banner page for your business. Include special offers for the day, or up and coming events. Designs are optimised for mobile devices. Adding Hotspot is especially usefull when you starting a new business, indeed enables you to get hundreds of like in a short time. 


Increase your Business Social Status 

hotspot-likeBuild you social media & marketing strategy through Facebook, a great way to quantify your business success and to get a powerful viral marketing FOR FREE . Computit’s WiFi system invites WiFi users to LIKE your business on Facebook in order to receive 2 hours of FREE WiFi. 

 No ‘LIKE’ - No ‘WiFi’ 


Control Customer usage 

Of course all good things need to be controlled.  Computit’s WiFi system controls customer Download & Upload Usage limit, Speed and Access time per day.  


Network Security 

Network security is one of the main benefits of Computit’s hotspot system. Since the WiFi network is separated from your business network, your main network is safe. There is no way WiFi uses can access or see your primary network.





Once off - Initial Setup  $ Value   Option
WiFi Router, configuration and installation $ 240.00 $ 240.00
Artwork for Banner and custom advertisement $120.00 $ 120.00
Monthly Serive Options  $ / Month  
WiFi Access with Splash page - No Facebook  $ 10.00  
WiFi Access - Social 50 $ 45.00  
WiFi Access - Social 300 $ 70.00  
WiFi Access - Social 600 $ 100.00  
Auto Reload for 'Social 50' for 30 more top-up LIKE's $ 10.00  
Auto Reload for 'Social 300' for 100 more top-up LIKE's $ 20.00  
Auto Reload for 'Social 600' for 200 more top-up LIKE's $ 30.00  
Total (Ex GST)     


** Recommended - Auto Reload to avoid service interruption when you reach the limit on the number of Facebook LIKE’s included in your package. A small fee is automatically charged each time you run out of Facebook LIKE’s and will add a pre-defined number of LIKE’s to your account.

***You may cancel the service at any time with 2x months’ notice.


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