Does Your Small Business Need IT Support

Written by itsupport

May 15, 2021

Are you a small business owner that needs technology to automate most of the monotonous tasks? If so, you should think about having a remote IT Support team to help you achieve the daily tasks at a cheaper rate whilst focusing on your core business needs. IT support services differ from one business to another. If you are considering outsourcing your IT support team, here are some considerations to help you make a wise choice.

Understand your Business Type
It is quite crucial to understand the type of your business and your key customers because the Level of IT Support depends on this. If you are an online business and all you require is a functioning website, then the support level you require is low. You need someone to manage your website and help you carry out the SEO tasks. That is all you need and require.

However, if you are running a company that is physical or a brick mortar model then you need a greater level of IT Support. You need PC set up for all your employees, possibly a server, multiple backup drives, remote desktop set up. After the initial set up, you need ongoing tech support to maintain the performance of the devices, to solve the recurring issues when using peripheral devices or emails or even virus and cyber-security problems.

Different Type of IT Support services that are available
If you have at least $85,000 to spare for your small business, then you can hire a full-time In-House IT Staff. This kind of investment is quite big for a small business owner. It would be much lesser cost to outsource your IT needs. There are many managed service provider companies that offer IT support to multiple businesses and organisations. You can opt for a monthly subscription service or pay for what you use. Providers like Computit, offers 24/7 support, help desk, onsite and remote support.

Additionally, there are some sites that can help you get started on IT support. For starters, Udemy is a great place as it has many courses to help you understand about IT in a business environment.

To Conclude, as a small business it is best to outsource your IT needs to an MSP company and let them help you. Computit, is now offering free IT assessment for your business and will assist you in choosing the right plan. If you have any further inquiries, please call or email at [email protected].

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