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Our Security team has extensive experience and is ready to provide a range of strategic plans to prevent cyber hacking, terrorism and data exposure. We are here to bring peace of mind to our clients.

If you’re a business owner, then one of the most devastating things that can happen to you is that you are hacked.

Hacking is any technical effort to manipulate the normal behavior of computer and network connections. When someone hacks into your computer or network, they might take control of the site, they may insert malicious code into the site or they might add a virus into the site. No matter how you are hacked, the results are disastrous. Your website might go down, meaning that you miss out on vital customer interaction or orders. If malicious code is placed into your website, you might be flagged as a suspicious site, destroying your credibility. A virus could delete all your customer information, or expose sensitive data.

There is no question that computer and network security is crucial for your business.

According to a security report from US government, hackers and cyber criminals are now focusing more of their unwanted attention on small businesses, which are usually less secure.

Therefore, it is important that each small business appropriately secure their information, systems, and networks.



How We Can Help You with Your Security

Computit IT support will assist small business management to understand how to provide basic security for their information, systems, and networks through our IT security Team.


Network Security and Control

A comprehensive security platform is a top priority for defense-in-depth and threat mitigation to protect your organization. Computit offers a unified solution that combines firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, network security monitoring, and more at an attractive price.

Web Content Filtering

Preventing inappropriate viewing of web pages by employees, guests and others is a mandate for many organizations, but there are more risks than ever before. Now, simply surfing the web and stumbling across a compromised page can infect your computer with a wide range of malware. Computit offers a comprehensive web content filtering solution that protects your organization against inappropriate access and unintentional infection by visiting rogue websites.

Spam Blocking

Spam is the bane of small businesses’ existence. It can not only bring viruses onto your network, but it can take over your computers and send spam to other computers. And it impacts you in other ways. According to a recent study, the cost of spam messages to U.S. companies — in terms of productivity and the equipment, software and manpower to combat it — was upwards of $10 billion a year.

The key to stopping spam before it stops you: using a modern spam filter solution.

Our powerful Spam Blocker protects you with top-notch spam scanning and blocking at the edge of your network—before it can do damage or slow you down. Using the latest technologies, Spam Blocker transparently scans for spam, marks messages and intercepts emails. It requires no alteration of your network’s mail configuration and is constantly updated to guard against any refinements in techniques that senders create to get around other solutions.


User Management

Network managers want to ensure they have good visibility and control of who is doing what online. Whether it’s blocking access to inappropriate websites, improving productivity or controlling expenses, Computit can help you with the following:

  • Lack of insight into who the heavy users are of internet bandwidth
  • Need to limit access to certain sites, services or at certain times of day
  • Need to provide audit trails of individual users’ web browsing
  • Need to enable different internet access policies for different groups of users, e.g. students and staff
  • Requiring users to accept terms-of-use policy before accessing the internet
  • Ensuring existing login credentials for Active Directory or RADIUS servers are utilized.

The Computit Firewall server gives you a simple way to protect, control, and monitor your computer network and your cyber security. It delivers the technology you need to protect from threats such as viruses, spyware, and attacks. It protects productivity by controlling illegitimate web browsing, and gives an in-depth view of network activity.

Computit will provide you with clear, concise reports about network traffic and policy violations. With this information, you can spot problems related to viruses or spyware and monitor illegitimate user behaviour, such as web surfing or instant messaging. The Computit Firewall Server runs on a PC located between your Internet connection and your computer network switch. It can either replace or complement an existing Router or Firewall.

Why Choose Us

At Computit, we are proud to work with leading organisations to support their IT needs. 

In-House IT Experts

We perform as your In-House IT staff at an affordable cost with extensive experience beyond your budget. Our IT Staff is qualified and have broad experience from various industries, so we ensure that you will get the best solutions for your IT needs.

Advanced Monitoring & Maintenance

We monitor and protect your IT system and infrastructure 24/7.  With advanced monitoring, we can identify any issues before it leads to any damage or disaster. We assure that our clients IT systems are in a safe environment, monitored and maintained regularly.

Partnerships and Accreditations with major Vendors

We have strong relationships with multiple vendors and strategic partners, our staff constantly keep up to date with the latest technology trend, maintain a highly proactive approach and are committed to delivering the best quality of IT services.

24/7 Support Service

We provide full support 24/7 and give all clients peace of mind that our staff will be always supporting you whether for technical support, on-site support, or remote assistance.

Increased Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Our IT staff is qualified and specialised in IT support services, and this leads to increase efficiency in your IT systems which is essential to run a fluid business, maximize productivity, reduce costs and increase profits of your organization.

Quick Response Time

We know how important your business is, and we always value it as you do. We perform actively and quickly to ensure your IT infrastructure works properly. Our goal is to make you enjoy peace of mind knowing your system is in a safe hand.

Speak to a Security Expert

The best way we can understand your business is to speak to one of our security experts. Call us now for a free consultation
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"Computit's IT managed services were recommended to me when our security was breached with hefty loss of data. During this crucial season, Computit gave us a peace of mind by restoring and securing all our data safe from outside influences. "

– Darcy Air & Electrical Services