Managed Wi-Fi Network

Managed Wi-Fi provides centrally managed, enterprise grade Wi-Fi access points for both corporate and guest wireless connectivity.


Advantages of Managed Wi-Fi Access points

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Virtual Controller

The control software can be loaded to any PC or entry-level server, for managing the AP’s. This takes care of managing multiple access points from a single location. It can be accessed using a web-browser, from any PC/Mac.

Automatic Configuration

Virtual controller locates the AP’s and automatically configures them during their power-up. User statistics: Find out who’s connected to the network, how much bandwidth they consume, etc. through the virtual controller interface.

802.11N MIMO

Up to 300 Mbps per AP. Decent speed/bandwidth, for the price. Most of the laptops might already be fitted with 802.11n client adapters. aesthetic look: The AP looks like a modern/designer fire-alarm. It can blend-in with walls. The LED ring adds to the beauty.

Independent Operation

Access Points can work without the controller software, as well. Except for certain features like guest access, basic functions will still be up and running.

Better Range

400 feet coverage for each access point. Practically, this might vary (reduce) according to site conditions, number of users, etc.

Cloud Operation

Virtual controller can be hosted on the cloud (Like Amazon Web Services) and it can still manage AP’s in your network.

Encrypted Communications

Communications between AP and virtual controller are encrypted, for security. Different models: While the Ubiquiti UniFi AP is the most popular model for indoor use, there are separate models for Outdoor use (UniFi AP Outdoor), Long-range connections (UniFi AP LR), Higher throughput (UniFI AP PRO).

Separate Guest Network

Guests can be given their own network (with Internet and separate SSID, if required), without any access to the local devices/network. This keeps internal network/devices safe. Hotspot package: Hotels, resorts might find the hotspot package useful, as it offers a platform to provide usage based Internet access and billing to guests (pre-paid, post-paid Wi-Fi).

L3 Manageability

Virtual controller and access points can be on different subnets/networks and still communicate with each other, because of the L3 manageability feature of Ubiquiti UniFi AP’s. Alerts: One can receive email alerts when certain events take place (when an AP goes down, for example).

VLAN Tagging

Supports VLAN tagging with physical switch ports.


Good coverage, stable connection, lesser black spots. All better than low-cost individual AP’s.

Radius Support

Supports RADIUS AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting). Bandwidth Limitation: Administrator can limit the maximum bandwidth that can be occupied by each user. This prevents network congestion because of one/few users downloading large files.

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