3 Differences between MSP and MSSP

September 16, 2022

Author: computit

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Is Essential Eight Required by Law?

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Oops, still few people think about managed IT services?

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What Can A Company Learn From Twitter “Unmention”?

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      Main points:

  • Differences between managed IT services and managed security IT services include administration, commitment, and features.
  • Cost is the deciding factor of stopping business leaders employing MSSPs (managed security service providers), but there are many ways by MSSPs to save your money.



As more and more organisations move to online work, cybercrime has increasingly targeted reputable organisations, even though the biggest global enterprise is also experiencing threats of cybercrime. If do not take effective actions, attempting to eliminate these threats will take business leaders a ridiculous amount of time and money, not to mention labor force, wages, and work time spent on the internal IT experts.

In general, the cost is the deciding factor in stopping business leaders from employing MSSPs (managed security service providers), but there are many ways by MSSPs to prevent serious attacks and save money. However, many clients confuse MSSP with MSP (managed service provider), which may mislead the client’s organisational management and weakens the security efforts.

This blog is to list 3 differences between managed IT services and managed security services. If you want to better manage your organisation as effectively as possible, please read this blog.

What is managed IT service?

Managed IT services are an information technology task that is required for the day‐to‐day operation of IT systems. A managed IT service is provided by a third-party contractor, for a fixed subscription fee, and including monthly service level agreements. Managed IT services are a stack service of managed IT security, managed IT network, managed IT cloud services, network administration, proactive maintenance & monitoring, reporting, onsite IT support, and remote services.

What is managed IT security: 

Managed IT security is the protection of information and processing of information. The information includes data, customer information, organisational assets. Managed IT security services cover network security, spam filter-email security, web filtering, and security consulting.



Differences between managed IT services and managed security services: 

Even though both MSP and MSSP are delivered by a third-party provider, the roles that they play are different.

Many clients confuse MSP with MSSP because the service offerings of MSP generally cover managed security services, including firewall and email filtering. There is no doubt that MSP can improve safety for your service system, but it is not steadfast enough. Security service offerings cover 24/7 security and faster and easier detection, Majority of MSPs are far from complete security because of the limit of sources and experience. The differences between MSP and MSSP have been listed below:


The primary focus of MSP is IT administration on a range of services, while the primary focus of MSSP is 24/7 cybersecurity services. 


MSSP is more secure than MSP because it uses more features that prevent cyber attacks. Managed security services can have a more steadfast commitment to cybersecurity.


Security features will be provided according to the client’s needs. Subscribing to security services will provide you with more features to prevent your system from cyber attacks, meaning your organisation will have a higher safety level.

Computit is highly recommended to you because it has high service quality and professionalism. In terms of managed security services, they listen to your needs and deliver appropriate services. Computit IT helpdesk supports all-sized organisations (small, middle, big size businesses) and delivers distance services to clients near Brisbane.



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