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Why Network Security is so Important for your Business

Did you know that over half of cyber attacks target private businesses? Every day network security is becoming inevitable to businesses.
Thus, making it extremely important to use the right tools and technologies to protect your IT infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Safeguard your IT assets

We at Computit, have adopted the most effective security measures to safeguard your IT assets. Our mission is to help small businesses achieve their full potential without having to worry about data protection. We guarantee 100% Secure network

How we can Help

Next-gen Intrusion Prevention System

Provides advanced protection from all types of modern attacks. It goes beyond traditional server and network resources to protect users and apps on the network as well.

Security Heartbeat

Creates a link between Cloud and your Firewall to identify threats faster, simplify investigation and minimizes impact from attacks. Easily incorporate Heartbeat status into firewall policies to automatically isolate compromised systems.

Advanced Threat Protection

Instant identification and immediate response to today’s most sophisticated attacks. Multi-layered protection identifies threats instantly and Security Heartbeat™ provides an emergency response.

Advanced VPN Technologies

Adds unique and simple VPN technologies including our clientless HTML5 self-service portal that makes remote access incredibly simple or utilize our exclusive light-weight secure RED (Remote Ethernet Device) VPN technology.

Why Choose Us

At Computit, we are proud to work with leading organisations to support their IT needs. 

100% Secure Network

Companies’ operations these days rely on networks and clouds. We understand how complex they are. We also know how important your business resources and data are. We can help make a network secure from attacks while you are working remotely or in the office.

Multi-layered Security Solution

We provide multi-layered security solutions to defend your network. Only authorised users have access to the network resources and at the same time, hackers are blocked from vulnerability attacks.

Monthly Security Reports

We provide a monthly security report to ensure our clients the obvious valuable service, the regulatory, requirement and risk compliance and to make sure that clients’ cyber security is our number one priority.

24/7 Support Service

We provide full support 24/7 and give all clients peace of mind that our staff will be always supporting you whether for technical support, on-site support, or remote assistance.

Recurring IT Security Audits

Regular IT security audits help to verify the security status, identify vulnerabilities and weak spots and assure the network security control of the company’s infrastructure.

Proactive Monitoring and Alerts

We alert and identify a potential issue with IT Security before it causes harmful effects to your business. We ensure to increase the efficiency in IT operations with our proactive IT infrastructure monitoring.

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