Oops, still few people think about managed IT services?

September 2, 2022

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Partnership with managed IT service providers
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A management trend has developed since June 2022 as to whether enterprises should subscribe to managed IT services for their business IT support. Icon Water, which is the ACT’s water and wastewater utility, has partnered with a managed IT service company in a $15.5 million agreement for at least the next 3 years. One month later, Carbon Neutral, the carbon offset developer, has signed an agreement with Sydney-headquarters MSP (managed service provider). The project aims to become carbon-negative by investing enough into carbon-sequestering efforts to exceed the company’s carbon emissions.

There are two examples of these two companies imply that partnerships with managed IT service providers have become increasing popular in recent times. More and more high-level managers of domestic and global organisations balance the benefits of MSPs. There are two serious question that you have to think about: What are some of the managed IT service benefits for your company? Can your company benefit from managed IT services?


What is managed IT service?

Managed IT services are an information technology task required for the day‐to‐day operation of the IT systems. A managed IT service is provided by a third-party contractor, for a fixed subscription fee and including monthly service level agreements. As a managed IT service provider, Computit supports it’s clients with a 24/7 service desk, security, network administration, proactive maintenance & monitoring, reporting, onsite IT support, and remote services. These include common services listed below:

1. 24/7 service desk (onsite IT support):

When it comes to 24/7 services, Computit can serve you anytime. Our degree qualified network engineers can start to work on your requests within 15 minutes. Also, they provide expert services to you when you need it.

2. Cyber security (includes security consulting):

the common cyber security includes email filtering, network security, web security, data protection, and end-to-end protection to help keep your organisation secure.

3. Network administration:

is used to manage, monitor, maintain, secure, and service an organisation’s network. However, your dedicated network administrator will identify any vulnerabilities in your organisation and correct security breaches. They ensure you comply with our security best practice checklist, resulting in more secure data and warrant you adhere to regulatory compliance standards. You’ll also be provided with regular service reports and reviews, with analysis of tickets and trends, and recommendations for further improvements to performance and security.

4. Proactive maintenance & monitoring:

By keeping a close eye on potential triggers for trouble and planning improvements on an ongoing basis, managed IT team (managed IT support team) will reduce the downtime and technical problems before they occur. Also, they will analyse the root cause of recurrent problems to avoid repetition.

5. Reporting:

Clients have access to an online portal where they can see the progress of their tickets. It’s an All in One management tool that allows clients to send tickets and receive updates.

6. Onsite IT support and remote services:

Computit offers both Onsite and Remote IT support services for greater flexibility. They can tailor these services to match your budget.

If you require IT support for a short period of time or need immediate help, be assured that we are only a phone call away.  07 3871 1222


Do you need exceptional services? Please contact us. 

How do managed IT services save your business money?

Enterprises are in paradoxical situations where the managers balance improved IT management service levels within a finite budget while trying to reduce admin cost (Reuvid, 2005). The scalability and flexibility of IT systems are two keys to improving the capacity of the services and improving the agility of the organization. Managed IT services can help meet their needs.

This includes two main advantages for managed IT services listed below:

Hiring IT staff: the third-party MSPs (Computit) will manage your companies IT environment. This saves time and labor costs that can be spent elsewhere.

Computit respond to you immediately when you need us: third-party MSPs assist your business anytime and anywhere and immediately responds to your requests even after working hours and on the weekends.

Statistics of organisations that use managed IT services:

  • Over 70 percent reduction in service downtime.
  • ROI up by over 1,000 percent.
  • Global savings of more than $100 million per annum.
  • New product cycles reduced by 50 percent.

Performance measurement:

Performance measurement is an assessment on the efficiency and effectiveness of projects or programs that MSPs are working on. The result of the measurement is used to modify the solutions for the problems.

What Computit proactively checks to improve the performance of network devices?

  1. Users workstations hardware and security patching.
  2. Server hardware and security updates.
  3. Router fire wall rules and port forwarding.
  4. Switches and Router firmware updates and installation.
  5. Antivirus and malware vulnerabilities.
  6. Backups of company data.
  7. Network folder security.
  8. Monthly management reports.

MSP’s quotes depend on many factors and SLA (Service Level Agreements) are tailored to specific customer requirements.  Finding the best fit for your company in terms of communication and system automation can be challenging.  Checking Computit’s client referrals from other successful companies and asking them who they use for IT services is often most effective.


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