What Can A Company Learn From Twitter “Unmention”?

July 28, 2022

Author: computit

Twitter's unmention
Is Essential Eight Required by Law?

Is Essential Eight Required by Law?

              Main Point:             1. Essential Eight is a good baseline to prevent cyber threats from your business.             2. The benefits of implementing Essential Eight strategies include defence in depth, accessible to all,                ...

3 Differences between MSP and MSSP

3 Differences between MSP and MSSP

      Main points: Differences between managed IT services and managed security IT services include administration, commitment, and features. Cost is the deciding factor of stopping business leaders employing MSSPs (managed security service providers), but there are...

Oops, still few people think about managed IT services?

Oops, still few people think about managed IT services?

A management trend has developed since June 2022 as to whether enterprises should subscribe to managed IT services for their business IT support. Icon Water, which is the ACT’s water and wastewater utility, has partnered with a managed IT service company in a $15.5...

What Should You Do If Your Business Suffers Disasters?

What Should You Do If Your Business Suffers Disasters?

    Main points:  A potentially dangerous piece of functionality in Office 365 or Microsoft 365 allows ransomware to encrypt files stored on the cloud to make them unrecoverable.  Main disaster recovery plans include multiple backups (including offsite), encryption...

  Main points:

   1. There are three types of data backups: full backup, incremental backup, and differential backup.

   2. Small businesses that consistently deal with small amounts of data can find a full backup a good option as it doesn’t take up their storage space or take too much time to back up.

   3. USB hard drive, solid-state drive, and network storage server are three types of backup hard drives for companies. Purchasing which hard drive depends on your business’s need.


In April, Twitter first launched a test of the “unmentioned” feature to a few users, with an aim to shop “unwanted attention” from other users. The “unmentioned” feature fit Twitter’s company principles and provision of services to create more appropriately digital environments for users. Twitter will have launched a complete version of this feature soon if the feature fits users’ preferences.

Twitter’s “unmentioned” feature helps users dominate better their accounts through judgments of if shop “unwanted attention” from other users. Compared to individual users, companies face more challenges in the current digital environments. Generally speaking, those without cybersecurity are the main victim of cybercrime, such as malware, ransomware and phishing. According to Savvy, Australians lost more than $300 million to cybercrime issues in 2021. Furthermore, over 75% of pandemic-related cybercrime involved information and money loss. It is a need for seeking IT support services to protect your business from cybercrime over the period.


Backup types:

As more and more companies move their work online, the number of cybercrimes has had a considerable rise since the COVID pandemic outbreaks. However, it also leads the IT industry to grow in the post-COVID-19 period, accelerating the market maturity. Cybersecurity threats could happen to your company at any time, data backup can be your first choice. There are three main types of data backup that you want to know:

A full backup: is a backup of creating an additional copy of all data files in a single backup operation. Since everything is backed up on a hard drive, it would take longer to backup the data files depending on how big the files are.

Incremental backup is one type of backup that only copies data that has been changed or created since the last full backup was performed.

Differential backup: is a process of data backup that copies all the files that have changed since the previous backup activity was conducted.


When do you need these types of data backup?

  1. Small business that consistently deals with small amounts of data may find a full backup a good option as it doesn’t take up their storage space or take too much time to back up.
  2. If you delete old files from your system, you can also restore copies of them using backups.
  3. Use the incremental backup method when the amount of data that must be protected is too large to make a daily full backup of that data.


What data backup devices for your business:

USB hard drive: The drive offers a capacity ranges from 500MB-2TB

Solid-state drive: The solid-state drive comes in three sizes: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB

Network storage server:  The network storage server provides big storage, such as 4TB, 16TB, and even bigger.

where and how do you buy a hard drive?

Computit is not only an IT service provider in Brisbane but also a supplier that sells a series of computer-related devices, such as hard drives, CCTVs, cameras, speakers, computers, and so on.

First, contact IT provider (they will answer all your questions)

Second, understand what hard drive you need.

Third, the IT provider goes to your place with the hard drive and checks if the hard drive suits you.

Fourth, pay for the hard drive.

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