Which Cybersecurity Threat Makes You Feel Blue in 2022?  

July 21, 2022

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Is Essential Eight Required by Law?

Is Essential Eight Required by Law?

              Main Point:             1. Essential Eight is a good baseline to prevent cyber threats from your business.             2. The benefits of implementing Essential Eight strategies include defence in depth, accessible to all,                ...

3 Differences between MSP and MSSP

3 Differences between MSP and MSSP

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Oops, still few people think about managed IT services?

Oops, still few people think about managed IT services?

A management trend has developed since June 2022 as to whether enterprises should subscribe to managed IT services for their business IT support. Icon Water, which is the ACT’s water and wastewater utility, has partnered with a managed IT service company in a $15.5...

What Should You Do If Your Business Suffers Disasters?

What Should You Do If Your Business Suffers Disasters?

    Main points:  A potentially dangerous piece of functionality in Office 365 or Microsoft 365 allows ransomware to encrypt files stored on the cloud to make them unrecoverable.  Main disaster recovery plans include multiple backups (including offsite), encryption...

Industries all over the world have been impacted by  the efforts of COVID-19. Since the pandemic outbreak, many small businesses in Australia closed, even bankrupted, due to a series of governmental policies to restrict social distance in all commercial activities. In response to COVID-19, small and medium businesses in Australia have made big decisions to migrate their data to the cloud. According to IBISWorld data, the number of digital businesses in Australia has a considerable rise over the period.


Perhaps, some of leaders hesitate to make a decision of getting IT support for their businesses. The purpose of this essay is to explain why your business should need IT support. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is an example that you can learn. The Australian government invests over five years in the development of information technology (IT) to upgrade their business processes $250 million of the investment in IT is expected to reduce costs and help manage quality risks in business processes. ABS leader pointed out that information technology (IT) provides new opportunities, in response to changing information needs of users. ABS has replaced the importance of IT on better management in their business processes and its transmission.


Small businesses do not need that big investment in IT, a basic monthly cost for small business IT support is affordable enough for a small company in Australia. There are a few main threats that you must know:


Phishing may be the cybersecurity threat that you must concern about. It is one of the social engineering forms that trick clients into revealing their sensitive information. In many cases, trickers phish managers and/or employees through emails or text messages using credit card data or login information. Due to the increasing demands of the network, it is a significant growth in pandemic-related phishing all over the world.


Are you afraid of worms, viruses, spyware, and trojans? This cybersecurity threat is designed to get around detection methods, such as antivirus tools.


Ransomware is one form of malware that erases or destroys data. Cybercriminals make the sensitive data to the public unless the clients paid to them. The state and location governments are the main targets of ransomware cybercriminals because they are easier to be attacked than organisations.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic pushes up the development of cyber, the number of cybersecurity issues also considerably rises. These cybersecurity threats probably happen when enterprise leaders move their work to digital environments and use remote access tools and new cloud services.


What should you do?

Likely, the above threats are happening to your business. To avoid cybersecurity threats, solve them before the threats come to your business. To run a sustainable business, risk management in cybersecurity threats is considered important as a key to be conducted by enterprise leaders. In general, IT service providers are responsible for many digital services, such as disaster recovery backup. Do not hesitate to take action to protect your business and your data and Google a IT support near you.


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